Preschool graduation day!

It’s always a bittersweet day when our little preschool graduation comes in June.  Most kiddos I care for from birth to 5 (sometime 6) years of age.  It’s hard to think of them anywhere else during the day except with me (or of course their parents).  This year McKenzie finishes up Stephy’s Angels preschool after 5 years here and Cameron after a year.  While Cam was only here for one school year he touched our hearts BIG.  The kiddos and I all love him like he was here for years. 

I know I’ve said it before but parents trusting me with their kiddos is a blessing and I don’t take that lightly.  The kids here all become family to my family and watching them move on to bigger things is awesome and sad!  Having watched them grow into amazing, smart, talented, funny, caring and loving “bigger kids” is heart warming. 

So from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU mom’s and dad’s for entrusting me with the most important part of your life, Your precious beautiful children.  

Here’s our two 2015 graduates!   Aren’t they so cute!!

And here’s a group shot of most of my current angels.  They were all so excited for Cam and Kenzie.