Parent Testimonials

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“you have the understanding of each developmental phase of the children and the ability to satisfy their needs.  I appreciate all detailed information that you provide us as well.  It’s hard to find someone that you trust to care for your children, and I can honestly say that I do not worry about the welfare of my children when they are with you.”

“I feel that any child that attends your childcare will greatly benefit from your skills as a child care provider.  The loving atmosphere that surrounds children in your care is great for their emotional growth.”

“Stephy’s Angel Childcare is just that, Stephy is an Angel!  There are very few people in this world that I would leave my son with and all of them are family.  Stephanie is like family to our family.  Since the day I met her, I have never felt so comfortable going to work and leaving my son in somoene else’s care.  Throughout the day when I think of my little boy, I just smile knowing that he is with someone that loves him ALMOST as much as I do 🙂 At night we always say Thanks to God for sending us our angel…Stephy!”

“I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you and all that you do.  I  feel like my son is in great hands, loving ones at that.  I was scared to search for daycare, until I found you.  I am happy that you accepted our son as “one of your children”.  Thanks so much for being you!!”


2 thoughts on “Parent Testimonials

  1. I often call stephy my girls second mom. She loves them like they are her own. I trust her in every way possible with them and often ask her for parenting advise. She was given an amazing gift from God to care for children and teach them. Most people can’t do this job nor want to do this job. The hours she works caring for our children and her own has got to be exhausting but she never complains….not to mention the countless hours she spends planning activities, meals and field trips.
    Steph has become part of our family. I wouldn’t trade her child care for anything, she truly is AMAZING! I thank God everyday that she was brought into our lives.

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