Our daily Schedule:

Some parents find it helpful to know what our schedule is like during the day, so I like to provide a “rough draft” of what our day is like for them.  Please know that children’s needs change every day and I fluctuate everyday to accommodate them in the best way possible. Also our schedule is different in the summer than it is during the school year.

7:45-8:15        Breakfast

8:30-9:00       Big kid school drop off’s 

9:00-9:30       Group time

9:30-10:00    Art/exploration activities

10-10:15         Morning snack

10:20-11        Wiggle time (outside if weather is nice)

11-11:30         Free play

11:30-12:15   Lunch time

12:30-2:30    Nap/quiet time

2:30-3:00      Wake up/clean up/potty time

3:00-3:15       P.M. Snack

3:15- 3:35    Wiggle time (outside if nice)

3:35-4:10    Big kid school pick up’s

4:10-pick up   Free play 


Additional Details

I provide an informal education program to promote learning through hands on play and discovery.  At Stephy’s Angels we do a variety of activities that enhance children’s learning, social, emotional, physical, creative and cognitive self.  Some activities we do are:


*counting bears

*rhythm and dance movements

*play dough



*variety of art projects

*sensory noodles or rice

*creative play

*science activities that encourage investigations, observing, discovering and problem solving.

*Yoga for kids

I also teach the children some sign language starting at a very young age.  I have found that using sign language has the following benifits:

*reduces frustration and builds trust

*promotes positive emotional development

*boosts self confidence

*helps babies learn to talk

*jump starts intellectual development


Please contact me for current openings

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