About me

My name is Stephanie and I have been working with children for over 19 years now, 15 of which have been in my home. I have a son who is 13 years old, and a son who is 10 years. They are the pride and joy of my life, along with my husband to whom I’ve been married to for over 14 years now. We have a lab/Shepard mix puppy named Hailey,she is 13 and is absolutely WONDERFUL with children! I started running a daycare out of my home in 2004 and I LOVE it! I have my CDA (child development associate) credential which I received in 2006. I take my profession as a childcare professional, not a baby sitter very seriously. Please keep reading below to view my personal philosophy on children.

Early Childhood education training received:

CHDV 101 Child growth/development

CHDV 111 Child guidance and communication

CHDV 112 Family relationship/early child programs

CHDV 113 Health/safety issues

CHDV 220 preschool curriculum/learning environment

CHDV 221 Infant/toddler learning environment

CHDV 186 Positive dicipline/guidence

CHDV 131 Family childcare management

CHDV 284 Practicum

ENGL 208 Childrens literature

CHDV 230 Child daycare administration

Current Sids and SBS certificate

CDA (child development associate) certified

current CPR& first aide certificates (renewed yearly)

20 or more training hours per year

Received service to children award in 2004 from the Eaton County Child abuse Prevention Center.

My Business philosophies

Each child should be provided with a safe and nurturing environment which will develop his or her physical, emotional, intellectual and social needs to their fullest potential. This is how I follow this philosophy:
1. A good balance of indoor and outdoor experiences with protection from over stimulus by providing alternate times of activity and quietness.
2. By providing a predictable daily schedule which will help children feel secure.
3.Providing hands on approach to educational enrichment activities which will stimulate children’s curiosity and creativity. Activities include: music, creative movement, stories and drama, art, science and nature studies and group games and conversations.
4. Positive guidance methods, which does not harm child’s self-esteem. I use positive communication techniques that guide children into appropriate behavior. Using this method the children learn, self-control, self-direction, and how to cooperate with others.
Philosophy on how children learn:
I believe that providing a hands on approach to educational enrichment activities which will stimulate children curiosity and creativity is the best way that children learn. Activities that will enhance this kind of learning include: Music, creative movement, stories and drama, art, science and nature studies , group games and conversations. Children learn best when they are given the opportunity to explore what they are learning about. Letting them figure things out for themselves, rather than a teacher telling them everything. For example if you are doing a lesson on apples, then you should provide real apples for the children to touch, smell and taste, cut open and see what it looks like inside of the apple. The approach that would not be so successful would be to have pictures of the apple or pretend apples. Children do not learn to their fullest potential with materials like these. Children seem to learn best through play, though there are many definitions of play the one that really stuck with me throughout my education was written by Johnson and Ershler (1982) They say, play may be defined as behavior that is intrinsically motivated, freely chosen, process-oriented, and pleasurable. I believe this to be so true because I have experienced this in my childcare setting. The children have learned form freely chosen, pleasurable play.
Discipline Policy:
I use only positive methods of which guide the children into pro-social behavior without harming the children’s self-esteem. I focus on what the child may do rather than always focusing on what they can not do. I use no form of physical punishment what so ever. Cooling down periods are a last resort for me. I try to redirect the unacceptable behavior first.
I encourage parents to discuss expectations they have and/or want for their child and myself. I am always open to any feedback about myself as a provider. It is important that parents and providers communicate together and establish a good relationship, which is in everyone’s best interest…especially the child’s.